Tuesday, June 17, 2008

unreliable internet!!

Hey guys!

So I have had a blog all written up and ready to be posted since Friday! Unfortunately the internet has been down until today and, even still, it won't work when I plug the Ethernet cord into the computer so I can't even post the blog or my pictures, which are all ready to go.

I only have eleven more days here in Tamale :( But then Marielle and I get a four day vacation in southern Ghana visiting national parks and historical sights (and ending the whole trip with a day on a beautiful tropical beach!) before flying out of Accra on July 2nd. More to come on those details, but we are very grateful for the opportunity to experience more of Ghana!!

Check back soon to see my blog entries that I will post as soon as I can! Also, a whole bunch of new pictures!! I hope everyone is doing well. Love and miss you all!


Elizabeth and Tom: Please tell Evie happy birthday from her Auntie in case I don't get back on the internet by her 2nd birthday! I'm a horrible auntie and didn't put anything in the mail to her before leaving! When I get home, though!

Stef: Happy birthday!!

Gina: I have a FIVE PAGE e-mail all typed up and ready to send!! (I know, ridiculously long.) I can't get it off my computer, though, so you will just have to wait. Sorry!

Faith: I hope Portland is rocking your world! Let me know how it is going. I am calling you as soon as I am back in the states!

Everyone in SLC: I've been thinking of you guys a LOT! I hope all is well. Take care and give Maxwell extra lovings from me! Has he forgotten about me yet?? :(

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